There are no simple shortcuts to success. As with any business it is a 3 to 5-Year Plan  One of the big advantages to this type of home-based business is there is very little overhead required except for the products A.S.G.T. use, and a little print material etc.

A major key to success is a belief in the products you represent, plus the company being solid and having laser focus on their mission  

Next, you must be consistent in your daily activities that introduce what you have to offer. This takes learning to work effectively with a TEAM following the Team System (READ BELOW).

Success starts with education.  Everyone starts with going to school... to learn a few things (A.S.G.T. "Learn The System").   How many really successful people do you know who did not get any form of training and/or schooling?  I have been Coached/Mentored by some the best in the industry.  This training helped put me into the #1 earning spot of two previous companies. My gratitude goes out to my many seasoned mentors, including the GREATS... Kim Klaver, Jeffery Combs, Jerry Clark and Todd Falcony, to name a few. 

A.S.G.T. uses Kim Klaver training to help the team grow their business.  Kim is a highly resepected network marketer and teacher whose training has successfully been put to the test repeatedly for over 25 years. Her radical approaches to marketing are all based on an uncanny understanding of how to open people's minds, a masterful use of language, and doing it since she was eight.  The basics starts with learning how to get customers and in a way that is easy for the average person to grasp and run with.  This is especially useful today as the FTC is cracking down on companies that don't get proven "valid" customers, but rather focus on recruit, recruit, recruit.  Click Here for the latest FTC rulings.

To start, read Kim Klaver's FREE BOOKIf My Product's So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It"Click Here

I highly recommend you join her educational Facebook Fan Page as well... Click Here.    She has a wealth of great supplemental info there.  Her Live weekly trainings are invaluable, watch/Listen anywhere from a smart devise.

Now Let's Get Started...

Read Kim Klaver's book "If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It" 

Then, let's set aside some time to start your training with your Sponsor or with Us,to learn our team system (See List Of Look Up Sites Below).

Additional links:   Kim Klaver's University Click Here

To start we focus on Kim's book, but later we have more book suggestions for you.

Get Kim's #1 Book FREE
Kim Klaver Kim Klaver Book
"If My Product's So Great, How Come I Can't Sell It"

Kim Klaver - A Harvard Grad, Educated In Linguistics.
(What Is linguistics? Simply Put, It's How Language Influences The Way In Which We Interact With Each Other And Think About The World).

Someone Who's Made Million's In The Industry
And Made It To The Top In 6 Companies!

(Learn On Your Time, When It Fits Your Schedule).


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